What to Expect

What is Chicago Asian Restaurant Week (CHIWeek)?

Whether you’re a proud Chicagoan or an adventurous tourist, the 1st Chicago Asian Restaurant Week (CHIWeek) is a great opportunity for you to enjoy more of what Windy City has to offer, by helping you experience some of the best Asian food around the city. For 11 days starting from November 9, CHIWeek brings you special tasting menus from 30 Chicago’s popular Asian restaurants.

Why should I go to CHIWeek?

Better food

Each restaurant’s CHIWeek menu is put together by a joint effort of restaurants managers, chefs, and our experienced food editors.

Better price

By selecting the CHIWeek menu at the restaurants, you get a discounted total price compared to when you order the same items on the regular menu.

Better experience

A dedicated CHIWeek team works closely with all participating restaurants to ensure all your needs are properly addressed. So join other fellow foodies to make some memorable dining experiences!

Do I need reservations to enjoy CHIWeek?

You do NOT need a reservation to join CHIWeek; instead, simply ask for CHIWeek menu once you sit down. However, due to increased volume of customers during the event, we strongly recommend calling the restaurant before going to avoid extra waiting time.